Mood board | marble

We've gathered up a few of our favorite marble inspiration images to help give you some Monday motivation.

As designers, we continually search for new trends and ways to provide the best solutions for our clients. Design is like a puzzle with many pieces coming together to make up a whole picture. We pay attention to the distance from the stovetop to the sink, the amount of storage in your mudroom, and if the vase from your grandma works with the wallpaper. All of these minute details make up a cohesive environment that functions to its fullest extent and feels inviting. We collect inspiration images to expand our minds since each design is unique with its own set of requirements. We put together Monday mood boards to spark creativity and joy for a productive week of puzzling through new designs.

1 | We love when a design is both functional and beautiful, and this marble backsplash and shelf do just that. A stone backsplash is easy to wipe down, and a shelf is a perfect space to store spices, oils, and even a few family trinkets to make your kitchen more personal.

2 | A waterfall edge island makes a statement in any kitchen. Keep the perimeter cabinets and counters relatively simple to really let the island be the focal point with its dramatic veining.

3 | Not sure you can commit so much marble? Side and end tables are the perfect spot to bring in some marble without the full-on commitment of a countertop. Marble is such a classic material that it goes with so many styles from traditional to modern.

4 | This bathroom is a stunner with its marble walls, vanity, and sink. We’ve used a thin marble looking quartz material that comes in large sheets in similar applications to achieve this look.

5 | We’ve done many of these floating vanities made completely out of stone in both modern and transitional homes. Add a shelf below for some woven basket storage and linens.

6 | Fireplace surrounds are one of our favorite marble applications for maximum impact. This is a simple way to add drama to a fireplace without adding heavy paneling or moulding. Our eyes are immediately drawn to the marble as everything else around is calm and neutral, making the fireplace the focal point of the room.

7 | Speaking of focal points… this marble tub takes the cake.

8 | We miter counters a lot to achieve this “thick” stone look. It adds some visual weight and makes the material feel grounded within the space.

9 | A stone backsplash behind the range creates a seamless contemporary look and a pretty backdrop for your cabinets to stand out.

Let us know which is your favorite!

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